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Can we get more of this or a sequel



I definitely can see the love of Disco Elysium, and as a huge fan and Raphael Ambrosius Costeau enjoyer, I had to give it a go.

Overall, fairly enjoyable for a bite size homage. Originally I felt it was gonna be a beat-for-beat thing (which is fine!) But I liked the little twist to it you brought along.

I was a bit unsatisfied with the ending, but as an aesthetic experience and lil' bite sized tribute to my actual favorite game ever, I had a good time.



Absolutely love the style and story. Hope there's a sequel in the making! 

Thank you! Appreciate the sentiment. :)


I really loved the graphical style of this and you really made it feel like an old detective noir adventure. Great work! 

thanks a lot. I appreciate it!

Thanks for sharing this game! I think it captured the noire genre really well while also being fresh and different. Hopefully there will be more games from you in the future!

nice game


I really enjoy these kind of games where i can just narrate over the characters and take my time indulging myself in the game together with the characters, i really enjoyed the mysterious setup of the game. Thank you for making this! 


Thanks for playing. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

A good follow up like Disco Elysium and LA Noire I guess.

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great jobs


Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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This was a cool black and white point and  click horror game revolving around a detective trying to solve a murder case but maybe the game is actually more than just a crime-scene-investigation game :). I have no idea if there is an actual ending of the game as based on my playthrough of the game, I didn't really get an ending for the game but I found the game really interesting and horrifying at the same time. Everything appears to make sense but not make sense at the same time, with people acting strangely and weird events happening to the people that the main character gets in contact with. Would be cool if there was voice-acting in the game and it would be really interesting to see what happens to the main character depending on the route chosen at the end of the game.  It would also be cool if there were puzzles to solve as well, instead of just conversing with the people around the map.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Thanks for playing and taking the time to leave your thoughts on the game. :)